Gorilla Glu 4

A Doob-dasher Sativa-dominant hybrid, a multiple- prize winning strain famed for its high THC quality, is Gorilla Glue 4 formed by GG strains contains 18- 25 percent THC. The CBD, which ranges between 0.05 and 0.1 percent, is very low.


In a number of Marijuana Cups in 2014, but even in the High Times Jamaican World Cup, Gorilla Glue 4 has been awarded. It is widely referred to as the ultimate strain that any experienced smoker would have met at least once in their lifetime. This strain has a tradition of treating more psychological conditions such as exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. Gorilla Glue 4 has low CBD amounts and is not suited to extreme medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancers, and severe nervous disorders. It is suitable for moderate to intense symptoms, including headaches and sleeplessness. Indica provides painful disorders such as arthritis and slipped disc sedation outcomes.


It has a woody, pine-like scent, with a hint of sandalwood playing on it. The shimmering and mossy fragrance that breaks down is a dark sweetness, similar to berries and fresh wild cherries. Its flavors are mostly with a dark woody aftertaste combined with any terrestrial oak. It even has a little coffee and cocoa and gives a hint of fragrant energy to rich, spicy accents. It also leaves a slightly chemical aftertaste in your mouth due to its intensity and elevated THC levels.


Gorilla Glue 4 allows both medical and recreational users to chill out. Given the dominance of Sativa, it gives freezing of the entire body. The body effect may be related to the THC / CBD ratio, the terpene composition, and the synergistic impact of the cannabinoid. Expect cerebral, uplifting outcomes, combined with body buzz. Not exactly a strain to be used in the morning, Gorilla Glue 4 suits best on a day off than at the end of the day.

Recreational customers may notice that the buzz is going straight to the brain. The effect is strong since it is a couch-locking strain. Soon you’ll feel the impact, and you’ll hold to the couch and give warmth and euphoria.


Many people want it because of Gorilla Glue’s potential to treat so many diseases. Its severity provides good management of discomfort and can mitigate a number of possibly complicated conditions such as muscle spasms, gum disorder, chronic back pain, etc.

Gorilla Glue 4 is also a significant relief of stress and is also commonly used for depression and anxiety treatment. It is helpful for those who want a little assistance in setting up a restful night’s sleep, and it has even been successfully prescribed to fight disruptive insomnia.


Gorilla Glue 4 can be prescribed for patients suffering from decreased appetite related to medicines or chemotherapy and radiation treatment in the battle against cancer. It will help you recover your appetite by removing your nausea. If you’re interested in attempting this fantastic strain, why are you waiting? Visit Doob-dasher, one of the best online dispensary, and order Gorilla Glue 4and start enjoying its effects.

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